How To Run a Successful Craft Business

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Hey Lovelies, 

Hope you’re all doing well with you’re craft businesses. I have been doing this for four years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way! It does take a heck of a lot of commitment, not to mention drive and focus. I had no idea where this journey would take me four years, ago, I just knew that I had burning desire to go on my own and live my dream running my own company.

Craft Market

Craft Markets are always a good way to test your market.

Tips on how to run a Successful Craft Business; 

1) Make that commitment and stick to it. 

2) Do your research in your chosen area. See if there is a market for the product you are making. 

3) Perfect the product you are making.

4) Network with other Artisans. Share business cards, make connections.

5) Take the plunge and go along to your local craft market and sell your products to the public. This is a very good way to build your confidence and to test if this is what you want to do on a more permanent basis. 

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Thanks guys

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