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Hello My Lovelies!!

I thought I would come to you today to give you a brief overview on why I started this business and what I am getting out of running this business. Some of the time I actually ask myself why I do this…….then I snap out of it and give myself a reality check and realise that life cannot end at 65 years with a pension and then the next 40 years waiting for life to end!! I am in a state of mind where I want more out of life and if I can make my life worth waking up every morning, then I will carry on with this………ok rant over with. lol

Ok from a very early age I have always been quite a creative person, especially when it came to sewing and knitting. At the age of 11, I was bought my very first sewing machine which I used to make clothes for my dolls. It was then that I realised I had a gift in textiles.

Fast forward into the year 2000, I went off to complete a three year degree in screen printing, where I mastered this skill and created a small collection of tote and clutch bags for my end of year exhibition. I then later teamed up with a fashion designer and sold fashion accessories to members of the public. With all the creativity and screen printing experience I had behind me, I then decided to launch my very own company, and ‘Lovely Notebooks’ was born!

Purple Suede                  Fashion Mist 2013


My products are handmade covered notebooks, journals, photo albums and guest books. They’re made in my home studio, which is also a showroom for clients to come in and have a look at the entire range of books I have to sell. I cover the notebooks in exclusive prints mainly sourced from West Africa.

Lovely Notebooks has evolved a huge amount since I started the business. I have attended a number of networking events, market stalls, trade shows, awards ceremonies and I have been built up a following from social media marketing. I have made many connections and have been mentored by an organisation that has pushed me along the way to where I am now. They encouraged me to keep going and have always given me notifications of other events coming up etc. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but I am loving every minute. You can watch my video on my Craft Business Journey to get another in site.


Market Stall       Award Ceremony

This is my journey in a nutshell really.

What is yours, how is your craft business journey going. Please comment rate and subscribe.

Until next time my lovelies x.


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