Print’s Print’s Print’s – 2015

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Who doesn’t love a brightly, bold print these days. With the likes of Kath Kidston and Orla Kiely, prints are definitely the talk of the town.

I’ve always had a passion for creating beautiful prints, bold and unique prints that showcase my sense of style. Think of it like I’m a musician and my prints are being showcased to people who love to look at my talent.

This year, LNB will bring to life its own sense of style with new prints for Autumn 2015. This collection has been inspired by the love I have with African print, with a combination of floral intertwined. #Africanfloralprints.

Spiralgraph Swirl4Pretty Reef1

Pretty Reef7

Although the Autumn trend this year seems to be showcasing subtle shades including Ivory, Dusty Rose and Lilac, I have chosen to take those colours and make them sparkle.

In my tradition, the African print is no way subtle in colour so why not take this into consideration when creating my own prints.

LNB will also be delving into the Winter Season trends also, taking into account the deep shades of plum, mustard’s, royal blues and teal quartz. It’s all go go go for now.

So keep an eye on what’s next to come at HQ.

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